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Could Netflix Save Rick and Morty Season 4?

Rick and Morty is seemingly in peril. Series creator and showrunner Dan Harmon has revealed that the show hasn't yet been ordered for a...

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Will Thanos Destroy The Survivors Of Asgard?

In continuing on the Avengers: Infinity War hype train we have another theory editorial (theoritorial? editheorial? you decide) about our big-bad villain Thanos. Today’s topic...

How Could Thanos Possibly Know WHERE The Infinity Stones Are?

Today were talking about the villain of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos. As we all know not only is Thanos wielding a real, functional...

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TOMB RAIDER (2018) Review

Before I dive into this review, out of sheer coincidence, I actually happened to replay Tomb Raider 2013 last week so a lot of...

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters Review

Today lets look at the new Netflix feature that we have been waiting on from Japan since November, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. First I'll...

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Teases Black Adam in Justice League

Since the announcement that Dwayne Johnson was cast as SHAZAM! supervillain/anti-hero Black Adam, there has been minimal updates Warner Brothers & DC Entertainment. Luckily...

Venom Movie Adds Jenny Slate, Hires 50 Shades of Grey Screenwriter

The cast and crew of Sony's upcoming Venom solo movie have grown by two. The Tom Hardy-led film has added Jenny Slate (Parks and Rec). According to...

RUMOR: The Batman Filming Summer 2018

The Batman might begin filming earlier than expected. A new rumor suggests that cameras might begin rolling on the project as early as next...

Fantastic Four ANOTHER Reboot, The Punisher Hype, & More | Marvelite #97

Marvelite is here! This week we've got a FOX Marvel heavy episode with plenty of Luke rants, so be prepared. Topics: The Punisher trailer review ...