As director of the upcoming stand-alone film, Aquaman, James Wan was faced with a dilemma. In the production of Justice League, conversations below surface were conducted via the use of air pockets between characters. However, this method was highly criticized by fans, who pointed out that Atlanteans would not require air to breathe, or therefore speak. In light of the criticism of director Zack Snyder’s method, Wan talked on Twitter about finding a new strategy for underwater conversations once Aquaman was his project to mold. And that he did.

Entertainment Weekly was given the opportunity to view a portion of the movie, and got the answer fans have been waiting for. And that answer is much simpler than some thought it would be; the characters will just simply talk. According to Wan, “People are overthinking it, they’re just gonna talk!” The plan is for characters to speak normally, despite being underwater, and then add a small amount of visual effect as they speak. This could suggest the use of sound waves, but nothing further. This solution will likely be more natural looking, which of course is the goal of creating these underwater conversations.

Wan has previously been behind the works of Furious 7 and The Conjuring franchise. With Jason Momoa set to star once again as Arthur Curry, Aquaman is due in theaters on December 21.


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