Excited fans got an early taste of what Jason Momoa might look like in DC’s upcoming movie Aquaman. While the first trailer for the upcoming movie showed off Arthur Curry in mostly casual clothes, at San Diego Comic Con, a collectible figurine depicting the underwater hero in his classic costume was unveiled and fans were hit with a blast from the past.

The statue featured the hero in his iconic, classic orange and green costume that die-hard fans will recognize as the costume that originated in the early days of the Aquaman comic books. While the look has changed somewhat over the years, the scaled outfit has remained the hero’s most iconic look since his first appearance.


The nostalgic reactions from fans have been largely positive, in stark contrast with the derision that came after DC released a poster of the movie. Aquaman is sporting a much darker and more serious getup in the poster but fans and critics alike were quick to make fun of it–citing similarities with other underwater adventure movies including Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

It is unclear just how much of this classic suit will be featured in the upcoming movie, but footage from San Diego Comic-Con has confirmed that the hero will actually wear the suit in the film.


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