“The clothes make the man,” is an old adage. But it’s one that often holds true, especially in the case of Tony Stark. So you better believe that when Iron Man returns in Avengers: Infinity War, he’ll be wearing his most advanced suit of armor yet: the Bleeding Edge.

All of this massive news is breaking thanks to Entertainment Weekly, whose new issue this Friday features the Avengers and Thanos as the cover story, with 15 collectible covers, and eight new exclusive images.

One of these exclusive covers features Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark in a brand-spanking new suit. But not just any suit, as this one that has a few more tricks up its armored sleeves than any suit Tony’s ever made.

bleeding edge

Case in point: the suit has wings! That’s a first for the hero, but believe it or not they do serve a purpose: they act as rocket boosters which can propel him into space, maybe explaining how he makes it to that ruined planet we see him on in the first trailer.

In the comics, the Bleeding Edge armor was made of nanites that lived within Tony’s body, which could be summoned and formed into armor with just a thought by Stark. In Avengers: Infinity War, it looks to be mostly the same, although there’s one key difference: the nanites which make up the suit live inside a shiny new arc reactor on Tony’s chest. Don’t worry, he doesn’t need it to live anymore, but the reactor lets him form the suit at a moment’s notice.

bleeding edge

Despite the obvious connections people will make to Black Panther, where similar nanites were used to make Black Panther’s suit in exactly the same way, the Bleeding Edge isn’t going to be Wakandan in origin. Instead it’s just a case of great minds thinking alike, and Tony Stark being beaten to his finest creation by a teenage princess.


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