Today we continue the spoiler spree for Avengers 3 so if you haven’t seen the movie then you may want to pause this reading and go see it, then return.

So if you have seen the movie or don’t care for spoilers you know that yes, Thanos succeeded in his plan of galacticwide genocide and managed to wipe out half the populations of living beings.

Still after the film it did leave us questioning the fates of various characters like Ned Leeds, Shuri, Howard the Duck and more.

Well thanks to an interview from Huffington Post with the directors Joe and Anthony Russo we now have a confirmed list of offscreen characters who lived, died, and are currently in a “spoiler territory” aka a yet to be determined fate.

So lets start with

Who survived?

Howard the Duck

Aunt May

And Nakia from Black Panther, who was stated to be deep undercover

Who died:

The actor version of Loki from Ragnarok as played by Matt Damon

Former Hulk girlfriend and daughter of the Thunderbolt Ross, Betty Ross

And Lady Sif






Schroedingers characters/ “Spoilers”:

Jane Foster, ex girlfriend of Thor

Korg and Miek, former warriors of Sakaar

Ned Leeds, Peter Parkers best friend and the man in the chair

And Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda

Now if I were to place bets on who of these characters survived the snap felt around the universe?

I would wager that Shuri and Ned survived, Korg and Miek escaped with Valkyrie, and Jane Foster probably got dusted.

I say Shuri really because she sems like she would have a lot to contribute to the team since to their benefit Tony and Bruce survived. Hopefully Hank Pym did too maybe he can shoot an email or something.

I think Tony dealing with the fallout of Peters death may have to tell both Ned and Aunt May which may explain how they could survive, to grieve and just poor more salt in that open wound.

Korg and Miek seemed popular enough that killing them off screen to bring them back would feel a little random but really who knows. They seem like the types that would help Valkyrie lead some remaining Asgardians to safety.

And Jane Foster?

Well I think her character is done in the franchise so if they killed her off it sucks and it closes that door to Jane-Thor some fans may want.

But on the bright side we get more Thor Odinson so win some/lose some.

Let me know your thoughts on the Russo brothers decisions down in the comments below.

Infinity War seems to be tracking towards 1.6 billion at the global box office. Make sure to tune in to Hybrid Network for more Marvel news and other pop culture updates.


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