The Avengers: Infinity War runtime has been revealed, and spoiler alert: it’s the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe film ever.

The movie is 156 minutes long, or two hours and 36 minutes. That’s 8 minutes longer than the longest MCU film to date, which was Captain America: Civil War. Both of the original Avengers films were 2 hours and 23 minutes, and 2 hours and 22 minutes respectively.

The Infinity War runtime was revealed by AMC Theaters. The cinema giant updated the posting for Infinity War on their website to include the running time. While it’s by no means official, the page has not been changed or taken down in the nearly 24 hours since it was first updated.

infinity war runtime

An extra-long running time seems fitting, given that this is quite literally the biggest Marvel film to-date. The movie features 22 individual superheroes and of course the villain, Thanos, who comes with his own entourage as well. According to Scarlett Johansson, once scene alone has 30-plus characters in it.

We’re not sure what the final character count will be, but last year the Russo Brothers made headlines when they revealed that there are 67 characters in the film. While that number seems steep, it’s entirely plausible. That count includes Thanos and his henchmen the Black Order, all of the members of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and key-supporting figures as well, like Pepper Potts, Doctor Strange’s companion Wong, The Collector, and all of the key Wakandan figures from Black Panther, to name just a few.


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