The DCTV universe just got a little bit bigger in a surprising way. The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively revealed that premium cable channel Epix has begun development on Pennyworth, created by Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller. The series is set to follow the origins of Batman’s faithful butler Alfred. 

The series is reportedly going to see Alfred’s journey from British SAS soldier to working with Thomas Wayne. The show will be set in London in the 1960s, well before Bruce Wayne is born and even further before he dons the cowl and becomes Batman. 

But despite its connection to Gotham through showrunner Bruno Heller, don’t expect to see a Sean Pertwee-lookalike or the actor digitally de-aged himself. In fact, Pennyworth is NOT connected to Gotham at all, and will not be a spin-off of that series or that incarnation of the character. 



We’ve got no idea as to when this series is going to debut, but it’s kind of a surprising pick-up for Epix. There haven’t been many comic-based offerings on the premium cable channels, although HBO is developing a Watchmen series set to debut sometime in the next few years. 

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