After much interest and anticipation from the fascinating fantasy trailer from earlier in the year, we look at the longly awaited Netflix Original movie, BRIGHT

So let’s get to it with a little summary.

The film sees Will Smith as seasoned officer Daryl Ward, a kind of pessimistic, cursing, and abrasive cop who is partnered up with Nick Jakoby, the first orc cop on the LAPD. The pair try to get over the tough social climate between humans and orcs due to past history as they end up wrapped up in a plot to resurrect a dark evil. They run into Tikka, played by Lucy Fry, a young elf in possession of a magic wand, who is on the run from Leilah, a dark elf who has come to reclaim what was stolen from her, played by Noomi Rapace. In this world magic wands are described as like “nuclear weapons that grant wishes” and only a select few called Brights can wield and utilize their amazing abilities.

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So our unlikely heroes have to put aside their differences and work together to not only protect Tikka, but to also possibly save the world from the dangers of this magic wand. Bright has been getting some rough treatment in reviews as of late and I don’t really see it. I think that, yes, it does have a shaky beginning but does find its tonal and story footing around the middle of the film and with the characterizations from both Smith and Edgerton there is enough material to get you through the 117 minutes. Now I’ve heard a lot of comparisons of the film to the Shadowrun tabletop and although I see some of the coincidental overlaps, I cant say this is a full adaptation of that. It does come across as a weird mashup of Tolkien creatures and Training Day but the premise of it I would say is just interesting enough to keep you invested in this world and wanting to see these characters succeed.

By no means is this a perfect film with some thematic misfires, a few annoyances in the writing, and wastes of talents from some actors; but if you have friends over and want to put something on to talk about later. I would say give it a watch. The world that this movie sets up ultimately ends up being far more interesting than the story but there is enough here with the characters involved that the audience will stay relatively engaged. Be it with the foul-mouthed role of Will Smith or the familiar latino gangs that seems to make a reappearance from Ayer’s previous Training Day.



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