We see at the end of Thor: Ragnarok that the titular Ragnarok takes place via Surtur as he finally achieves his goal of destroying Asgard. With this it is somewhat implied that everything goes with it including Hela and Odin’s Vault.

And if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think her and the vault were destroyed.

Now why is Odin’s vault significant to this discussion? Well apparently the point of the vault is to contain all the items that could kickstart Ragnarok, and it seems like Odin was right.

We see during her search for the Eternal Flame that Hela makes several snide remarks regarding several of the items including a fake infinity gauntlet, possibly there to fool someone hoping to wield the stones.

The Vault was also home to items such as the Warlocks Eye, the Tesseract, the Destroyer, the Tablet of Life and Time, the Tuning Fork, and of course the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Now if you don’t remember the casket it had a pretty significant role in the first Thor as when opened it can unleash the infinite, icy winds of Jotunheim and actually helped reveal Loki’s secret frost giant lineage.

Loki also was able to warp it into and out of his hands on command, so despite Helas brushing it off as a “weak relic” it is actually pretty powerful being able to freeze targets in their path.

Which brings me to the point of this topic.

Could the casket actually be of use in the war against Thanos?

Well should it hopefully have not been destroyed and considering at one point Loki could manifest it at will, I would say yes.

He would need some distance to use it because Thanos seems pretty brutal and is said by the Russos’ to be stronger than the Hulk. If Loki can at least freeze and shatter the arm the gauntlet is on it could be a helpful distraction or even game changer for the fight. Adding the casket of winters into the fight can shift the odds, given the winds can freeze quickly and he can summon it when he wants. I understand why Loki took the tesseract but I’m hoping in the fray of escape and destruction he took the casket with him not just as a potential weapon to use against Thanos and the black order.

Not if Thanos and his crew can surpass what it can do. That would be an amazing example of how serious a threat they truly are to all life in the universe.

But let me know your thoughts down below. Do you think the Casket of Winters survived the destruction of Asgard and if so do you think it would be helpful in an early fight against Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War warps to theatres on April 27. Make sure to stay tuned with Hybrid Network for more Marvel news and other pop culture updates.


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