Captain America Civil War May Have Foreshadowed The End of Infinity War


The ending to Avengers: Infinity War came as a shock to many people upon their first viewing in the theatres. Having half of the Avengers wiped away was certainly an effective moment for the film. However, it’s possible that the Russo brothers gave audiences a hint to who would live and die in their previous Marvel outing, Captain America: Civil War.

This theory comes to us from Reddit and it has to do with the scene of the Avengers being sat down in their conference room to discuss the Sakovia Accords. The theory is based around the positioning of the Avengers around the Table from each other and how that relates to their fate at the end of Infinity War.

First off at the table we have Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch with Tony sitting away from the table in the corner of the room. Falcon, Vision, and Scarlet Witch are all seated on the right side of the table with the other three and Tony are on the left side.

So, what does this mean? Well, everyone at the table, during the climax of Infinity War, was present at the Battle of Wakanda, with Tony’s distance from the table representing that he was far away from the on Titan at this time. At the same time, everyone on the right side died at the end of Infinity War, while everyone on the left, Tony included survived. As the theory goes, this was done to hint at where everyone would end up after their encounters with Thanos, we just didn’t know that’s what it meant at the time.

More than likely Joe and Anthony Russo didn’t do this setup intentionally, it just happened to work out that way when all was said and done. However, it is possible that this was done on purpose, as they have gone on recording saying that their choices for who survived were based on story. Not just the story of the film, but their entire arc through the MCU. Considering that Civil War was the last time we saw any of these character before Infinity War, it is possible that the Russo decided that far ahead of time.

It’s an interesting theory none the less. But if it turns out that this was done to foreshadow the end of Infinity War, then good on them for the subtlety.


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