So if you do not know I did a lot of coverage  about Godzilla and his related monsters and movies for the channel and website.

One of the requests I got the MOST was to have the Cloverfield monster fight either Legendary Godzilla, Tristar Godzilla, King Kong etc. The reason that I never tackled them was because they never seemed like fair fights to me.

Why Im bringing this up is because with the release of The Cloverfield Paradox, we may not go into full on versus territory but we now have the possibility for this universe to crossover with other franchises.

Of course if they wanted to and had permission from the respective studios.

So lets see what we can make of it.

Firstly Cloverfield and its own franchise:

Now it looks like the Cloverfield series doesn’t follow a strict chronology, but there are some loose ties between films.

If the films each exist in their own reality, why not introduce all the monsters we’ve seen so far as interdimensional entities. It would make them more of an overarching threat.

Once the dimensional rip from paradox occurred, basically anything became free game…anything.

I think if we got more information about the monsters in the franchise we could get more of an idea what they are. We still don’t have a full confirmation of if they’re aliens, monsters, old organisms from a long gone earth. All we know is that they’re a dangerous species that wreaks havoc regardless of is it’s the regular clover to the flying cyborg ship.

Now onto other franchises. With how the paradox works there are potentially infinite possibilities but the ones I’m thinking of are your heavy hitters.

Franchises like Predator, Pacific Rim, and Godzilla.

So lets start with the easiest one.

Pacific Rim

Art by AmirKameron on Deviantart

The Kaiju have the capability to breach portals. Cloverfield has the paradox. It kind of writes itself. We have Kaiju leaping through the portal and going toe to toe with monsters while Earth is the battleground.

If you really want the jaegars to come with then I’m sure you could have pilots try to jump through the portal again to the kaiju realm, but upon exist they land on the wrong Earth and have to help save them from double the monstrous threat.

Next is Predator

This one would be different as it would partially take place on whatever world or dimension the Clovers are from. You see them thrown from their home onto the planet of the predators as we see the Yautja gear up to take on a new massive destructive challenge that came to them rather than vice versa.

Or you could have a predator hiding on earth during an invasion of the monsters and have to decide which side to take in order to survive.

Finally, Godzilla and his jolly gang of monsters

Art by starvingzombie on Deviantart

You see places around the world being destroyed randomly. Explosions and chaos occuring left and right. All of a sudden monsters are wreaking havoc and snatching up people and resources but they aren’t the ones we expect.

People see it as an alien invasion of course but this turns into a war because other kaiju want to take them on and some actually lose. They either get overpowered or infected by the parasites.

Godzilla has been asleep this whole time and has to wake up to take on this new threat. He is forced to form allegiances with King Ghidorah who has traveled through space and time to take out the invaders as well as Mothra, the Guardian of Earth.

They all clash and we get to have that big kaiju monster fight with atmospheric sized clover monsters and skyscraper sized kaiju. They can also experiment with designs for the clover species too because we have yet to see a real “foot soldier” species other than maybe the parasites.

But those are some ideas from me what would you see going with the potential of Cloverfield’s franchise crossing over with others like Alien or Lost or even Marvel.

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