After months of drama and speculation, it’s finally almost here: Deadpool 2. You won’t get to see it for another week, but you know who’s seen it now? The critics. The very first press screening was this afternoon, and the people paid to write about this sort of thing have revealed their first reactions to the world. 

The verdict? Well, there’s good reactions and bad as with any film, but maybe surprisingly for a movie some outlets were reporting was a mess with massive reshoots to fix the majority of the film, the responses are VERY good. 

Bustle Movie Editor Rachel Simon says she liked it even more than the first, which was a common feeling among reviewers.

ScreenCrush editor in chief Matt Singer struck a similar tone.

UPROXX film reviewer Mike Ryan tweeted a similar sentiment. Is there an echo in here? 

Speaking of that post credits scene it is a doozy, reportedly, with tons of comments, including this one from People magazine’s movie news editor Nigel Smith.

CinemaBlend managing director Sean O’Connell had the second most positive reaction of them all.

But not everyone completely loved the Merc with a Mouth’s second coming like Globe and Mail film editor Barry Hertz.

You know how I said Sean O’Connell had the second-most positive reaction? Prepare yourself for the first-most, from’s senior reporter Alex Abads.

Obviously, we’ll just have to wait for the review embargo to lift on May 15th for more information, and for Deadpool 2 to come out next Thursday night to make up our own minds! 

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