Todays focus for topic is more of a corporate battle between the Dinosaur Protection Group and the Masrani Global Company, and why our wannabe PETA group has so much vitriol for them in the first place. One of the keys to this is actually one of our lead characters, Claire, who worked for Masrani prior to the Jurassic World Incident of 2015 and flipped sides and founded the Dinosaur Protection Group in order to protect the dinosaurs and keep them safe from Masrani Global and other large industrial powers that may seek to abuse them.

So since Claire worked for them, why does she hate them so much? Well their site give us some insight into that.

As stated in one of the other editorials, Masrani Global came in possession of inGen with the passing of John Hammond and with it obtained the 99 year lease the company had over their respective dinosaur islands from the Costa Ricans. As a result they had influence on the ecosystem of breeding and using dinosaurs.

What they did to kind of circumvent the previously established Gene Guard Act (which we’ll discuss next time) they used the available technology to springboard an economic opportunity and kickstart Jurassic World. They hid under the guise that the technology being used to give us more dinosaurs was for medical and research purposes, when in actuality they were maneuvers for opportunities of branding and corporate sponsorship to exploit the animals for money.

This bubbled in the incredibly stupid but lucrative walking nightmare that was the Indominus Rex.

“Verizon Wireless Presents The Indominus Rex”

And we all know how that turned out for them.

Since then Masrani has apparently not done much to really make up for their past and even allowed some of the dinosaur species to lapse into a state of “reextinction”. Their laziness has also allowed other companies who claim to have access to cloning technology the opportunity to make their own dinosaurs. All the while the animals themselves are fighting to survive on 30 square miles of landmass which may not be enough space considering how many were migrated from Site B over to the main site Isla Nublar.

In short, Masrani is exploiting animals for financial gain and then not caring for the technological marvel that are living dinosaur based organisms.

So let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Do you think Masrani Global are like the Monsanto of the Jurassic World?

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