Thanks to the people at Entertainment Weekly we have our first looks at the upcoming DC film, Aquaman, which is set to debut this winter. So lets go through each and breakdown what this tells us about the upcoming hero.


Lets start off with the most interesting one, Orm Curry or as many know him, Ocean Master is seen standing across from his half-brother Arthur Curry as both have donned armor and weapons. It appears as if they are going to engage in some combat I assume is probably for the right to rule over Atlantis.

Ocean Master (Earth-27) by Phil Cho

You can see in Orms hand he also is holding a helmet which I imagine will reference the comic appearance of his helmet as well as his signature personal Trident. A caption near the image notes that Patrick Wilson’s character will be acting as the main antagonistic force of the film who intends to wage war on the surface world.


The next photo shows Arthur as he seems to storm a submarine that’s under attack by pirates which I assume will tie into another character who will show up in the film.


There is a still of Arthur and Mera (played by Amber Heard) on the surface world with a map which may reveal that this film will be a journey for Arthurs character. Probably to find some claim to the throne or it could be for the legendary trident but we will have to wait and see.


As I mentioned before the pirate scene may be tied to our first look at Black Manta with an exceptional looking helmet as we see David Kane working on his prototype.


The next image shows James Wan directing Heard and Momoa as they have an encounter with Aquamans mentor, Vulko played by Willem Dafoe inside of a galleon (a type of old Spanish ship).

The final main image shows Queen Atlanna, played by Nicole Kidman, being protective of young Arthur Curry; probably in debate as to whether he should be with his people of the seven seas or as a land-dweller.

The other 2 images are the cover variants which give another image of a wet Jason Momoa but the cooler cover actually gives full shots of Atlanna, Mera, and Arthur with his pentadent.

The movie looks surprisingly pretty cool with the little we know and I’m interested to what the first trailer will showcase. Hopefully it’s a fun ride. But let us know your thoughts down in the comments below. Do you like the looks of these famed characters from the Aquaman Mythos, especially Ocean Master.

Aquaman surfs into theatres December 21. Make sure you return to Hybrid Network for more Aquaman updates and other pop culture news.


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