The Flash Season 4 Casts the Elongated Man

The Flash Season 4 Adds Elongated Man

The Flash season four just added another super hero. According to Variety the show has cast Hartley Sawyer (Saving the Human Race) as Ralph Dibny aka the Elongated Man.

Hartley Sawyer joins The Flash Season 4

The report indicates Sawyer will be a recurring character, but what role he’ll play remains to be seen. According to the limited details, Dibny will help Team Flash “solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.”

A long rumored addition, the casting comes just over a week since San Diego Comic-Con. There, several other new characters were announced. Neil Sandiland (The 100) will play villain Clifford DeVoe aka the Thinker while Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion) will play his right hand the Mechanic. Additionally, Danny Trejo (Machete) will appear as the bounty hunter Breacher.

The Elongated Man has a long history with the fastest man alive, first debuting in The Flash #112 in 1960. A skilled private detective, Dibny derives his powers from distilled gingo fruit. The elastic property of the fruit grants him the ability to stretch his body to superhuman lengths.

The addition seems in line with the show’s shift to a more humorous tone this season. Despite being a brilliant private eye, Dibny has always been a humorous character, known as a show-off and attention hound.


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