A new G.I. Joe film is in development and we should hear more about that very soon, but today we’ve learned that the franchise’s most popular character is getting his own spin-off: Snake Eyes. 

Yes, the silent, mask-wearing ninja will star in his own solo film as the franchise prepares for a complete reboot while Hasbro eyes a new, inter-connected cinematic universe. The studio has tapped The Huntsman: Winter War writer Evan Spiliotopoulous to script the film according to The Hollywood Reporter. Spiliotopoulous has also signed on to direct the sequel to Bright for Netflix.

We have no details yet on what the spin-off is going to follow. Whether it’s an origin tale or not, it very likely would feature some of his supporting characters, like arch-nemesis Storm Shadow, or allies Jinx and Tiger Claw. 

snake eyes


In Hasbro and Paramount’s first attempt at G.I. Joe films, the character was played by stunt legend Ray Park, made possible by the characters masked appearance and silent demanor. We have no word yet on if that same approach is going to be taken for this spin-off film or if Park will be reprising his role.

The toy giant has recently unveiled plans to overhaul their film offerings. The ultimate goal is a Marvel-style cinematic universe, where their toy properties would exist side-by-side. In a recently unveiled slate, a new G.I. Joe film would hit theaters in 2020. It’s unclear if Snake Eyes will be taking that spot or staking out a new release date. Additionally, the studio has set release dates for Micronauts in 2020, Dungeons and Dragons in 2021, and an untitled Paramount/Hasbro Event film for 2021 as well. A Transformers reboot and films for M.A.S.K. and ROM Spaceknight are reportedly in development as well but do not have release windows.

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