James Cameron and Tim Miller’s upcoming Terminator reboot has found its new terminator, as well as its new female lead, according to Deadline.

The new terminator is Gabriel Luna, who you probably know best as Robbie Reyes, the muscle car-driving Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD. We don’t exactly know what role he’ll play as the new robotic killing machine, with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as the classic T-800.

The female lead, Dani, is set to be played by Natalia Reyes, after a lengthy search to find a Latina actress for the role. The Hollywood Reporter described the role as the Sarah Conner for the new film. Reyes is something of an unknown, but has earned significant praise for her lead role in Birds of Passage, which will debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.



The cast for the reboot is starting to get more and more rounded out. In addition to Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Connor, and Luna and Reyes as the leads, the new reboot will feature Mackenzie Davis and Diego Boneta as well. Davis will play a soldier from the future, while Boneta will play Dani’s brother. The movie is set to begin filming this July until October. Originally it was set to debut in July of 2019, but its release date was just pushed back earlier this week to November 22nd of that year to allow for some more time in post-production. 


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