Today lets look at the new Netflix feature that we have been waiting on from Japan since November, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.

First I’ll give a summary of the opening film in this new animated trilogy then we’ll get into pros and cons.

So let’s get right to it,

Planet of the Monsters follows the fringe remains of humanity who for the past 20 years have been trying to find a hospitable planet ever since the apocalyptic uprising of the monsters; and their most dangerous threat, Godzilla.

As time passes our main character Captain Haruo Sakaki (voiced by Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi) has held a grudge against the King of Monsters ever since he killed his parents during childhood and forced humanity to evacuate the planet.

In trying to investigate the quality of Earth and trying to see if they can stop Godzilla and reclaim their planet, they discover not only has Godzilla survived, he has thrived and the entire ecosystem seems to reflect his reign.

Godzilla firing his new electric based atomic beam

Humanity discovers that 20 years passed for them, but for Earth it has been about 20,000 years. Unfortunately, the trained troops they sent down end up trapped on the planet and are face to face with not just Godzilla, but also these new Godzilla subspecies that are known as the Servum.

With resources and armed forces dwindling, the responsibility of their survival falls on Haruo to help try to destroy Godzilla. The film ending with a twist that lets us know that their fight to survive has only just begun.

So I watched the dub version on Netflix (because of personal preference) and I have got to say the movie is good.


I would say really solid characterization and voice acting for Capatain Sakaki and his alien partner Colonel Metphies. I’ve heard a lot of projects from Chris Niosi on his own channel but seeing him flex his range in a professional dub was a pleasant surprise.

The soundtrack of this movie is really good and I would say is up there with Shin Godzilla in terms of adding good tone to the various sequences.

The story is pretty straightforward to follow and establishes right at the beginning what will tie into the end, which I will try not to spoil because a video may be done on it soon.

The way the story plays out reminds me of Shin Godzilla wherein Godzilla, although not being seen all the time in the movie, still has his presence as a threat and how humanity has to find a strategy to deal with him.

Also the animation is overall very clean.


Although the lead two felt engaging, the other characters for some reason don’t feel as memorable to me despite their roles being equally as important in fighting Godzilla.

I also wish we got a few more clear visuals of other monsters on the planet. It’s called Planet of the Monsters but aside from the opening, we really only see Godzilla and Godzilla related monsters. I think showing the return and change of these other species may have added to the atmosphere a little bit to remind the audience this really isn’t our earth anymore.

Also due to the nature of the production, and this isn’t really in Funimations control, the English audio didn’t always match with the lip flaps but that’s more of a minor nitpick than an issue.

The only other thing I may say, and this is a personal preference, I’m not the biggest fan of the current Godzilla design. I remember first seeing him and thinking he looked like a roided up version of the Legendary Monsterverse Godzilla. Except his scales were a lot more muddied over so he kind of looks like a giant, sharp pile of poop.

Beware the giant electric turd

It looks a lot better in motion than in stills I would say, and from a plot standpoint his appearance does make sense considering he is plant-based so his skin kind of resembling tight twisted vines and roots is understandable.

I’m just not the biggest fan.

Overall it is a solid entry into the franchise, I think if you liked Shin Godzilla you will enjoy this one. You may not love it but I think people will have a good time with the story and characters. It’s different in a lot of aspects but the core idea of man vs nature comes back like it has the last two Godzilla movies.

Also this Godzilla is SUPER overpowered so do with that what you will.

But let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Did you like Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. Why or Why not?

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