Interview with Comic Writer Peter David (Young Justice, Spider-Man 2099, and More)


    *Transcribed from an audio interview at Raleigh SuperCon*

    WE: How are you doing today Mr. David?

    PD: I’m doing fine, how are you?

    WE: I’m doing well myself. So how are you enjoying the convention so far?

    PD: It’s a perfectly nice convention. People are coming up to me, they’re saying nice things, and they’re giving me money. I couldn’t ask for really much more a convention than that.

    WE: So how did you first get started in the whole writing business? Did you start by telling stories in your youth or?

    PD: Absolutely. One becomes a writer because not becoming a writer is really not an option. The stories and the characters present themselves in your head with such force that you feel compelled to write them down and ideally distribute them to as many people as possible. Hopefully with your name as big as possible on the front page. I’m no different than any other writer in that respect, I happen to be one of the fortunate few who can make a full time living out of this.

    WE: Do you yourself have a favorite writer who inspired you to push yourself as a writer when you were going at it?

    PD: Yes! Several of them are people that I have worked with ranging from: Stan Lee to Harlan Ellison to Stephen King.

    WE: That’s incredible. So of all the works you’ve done from Young Justice to Spider-Man to your personal books, do you have a favorite that stands out as unique or special to you?

    PD: It’s really like asking who my favorite child is. They’re all tremendous works of effort and I’m pretty much proud of all of them. If you ask a specific category of things I have my favorites in that. For instance if you ask about Hulk I’ll always cite “Future Imperfect” which I did with George Perez. That’s one of my favorites, if you’re asking about comics in general, “The Atlantis Chronicles” which I did for DC. Honestly, I take pride in all of my work.

    WE: That’s a great outlook on great work. So for someone, like myself, who writes casually what would be your advice to become truly great writers?

    PD: Read my book on writing. It’s called “Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels” which you can find fairly easy on Amazon. I could talk about writing for hours on end so I wound up putting all my thoughts on writing into one place. It’s effective for comics, yes, but it’s also general solid tips for writing novels, short stories, screenplays etc. So I would say go buy my book.

    WE: Awesome! So as a comic writer do you have any opinions on the current state of the comics industry?

    PD: Well I think we’re putting out some great stuff which is to be hoped. I think comic books are insanely overpriced. $3.99 to $4.99 for 20 pages what the hell. I’m hoping that things start to turn around but if the prices continue to escalate at the rate that they’re going we will effectively price ourselves out of the market.

    WE: I totally understand the difficulty of purchasing comics from a fans perspective. Now I know you have worked with a host of different characters, but who would you say is your favorite character if you had to pick one?

    PD: Well I certainly have an attachment to the Hulk considering I wrote him for 12 years. That winds up giving you a real affinity for the character. I also really enjoy Jamie Madrox who I wrote in X-Factor. I guess if I had to pick one all-time favorite it’d be Fallen Angel who I created, also Spider-Man 2099, who I also created.

    WE: So to close out the interview what are some of your recent projects that you may want your fans and others to know about?

    PD: Well my most recent comic book is “Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider” which is an ongoing series from Marvel Comics. I’ve also opened up a patreon page where for ranging from$1 and up you can get exclusive access to everything from my weekly commentaries to pages of my autobiography to pages of unpublished scripts. The first one I’m going to producing is my Space Ghost script which I was hired to write for Hanna-Barbera that never got produced.

    WE: That’s a shame. Still Thank you very much for your time Mr. David I really appreciate it.

    PD: Thank you, not a problem.

    Mr. David can be found on twitter @PeterDavid_PAD as well as his website 


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