Today for our topic were talking not about the main island, Isla Nublar, but actually the “Site B” also known as Isla Sorna.

Our good friends the PETA for Dinos, the Dinosaur Protection Group, have steadily been releasing information and blogs about their motivations to preserve the island while at the same time being very vocal about their beliefs regarding the current lease holders of the island, Masrani Global.

In the releases of information we actually get an update on what happened to site B, to an extent, between Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World.

Sometime after the companies purchase they began doing some more…unconventional projects.

Some that involved cross species genetics and led to the creation of the Spinosaurus and eventually the Indominus Rex.

When Masrani acquired the company they actually shipped off the majority of the dinosaurs that they could find from site B, which was really just a holding and raising area as it’s where a lot of the testing took place until it was abandoned.

Since Masrani were the holders of the 99 year lease on the islands they could kind of do what they wanted between the islands and in trying to revive interest in the Jurassic amusement park, created Jurassic World. They used a mix of dinos from Nublar and removing those existing on Sorna; which is troublesome considering it’s a new environment, new flora, and fauna. Thus basically forcing them into a zoo-like area even though they did not grow up in those types of places for very long.

When Masrani purchased inGen, aside from trying to make some new species on the island, they turned around and basically cleaned it out in order to open up their new park and essentially centralize all their decisions. I’m sure they didn’t get every dinosaur but they certainly tried to get all the ones they could find. Who knows who could still be surviving over there if any.

Maybe a few compys.

Size matters when you’re trying to stay free in the wild

But let me know your thoughts down in the comment below about the now vacated Isla Sorna.

Jurassic World roars into theatres on June 22nd. Make sure to return to Hybrid Network for more Jurassic World news and other pop culture updates.


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