The supernatural horror film It was a 2017 sensation, breaking numerous box office records, and being declared the most profitable horror film of all time. Even prompting Halloween costumes inspired by the film’s iconic image of a little boy in a yellow raincoat holding a red balloon. Good news for the new fandom of this iconic horror film, the release date for It: Chapter Two has been officially announced, via video call by director of both films, Andy Muschietti. The news broke at “Scare Diego,” New Line Cinema’s San Diego Comic-Con-eve event for die-hard horror fans.

It: Chapter Two isn’t set to be released until September 6th, 2019 but until then fans can obsess over the sizzling sizzle which was shown at Scare-Diego only a few days ago. The real includes some sneak peaks at ”The Losers Club” all grown up. The star studded cast includes Bill Hader, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and returning as Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard.

The sizzle reel includes footage from It: Chapter Two which has just begun production a few weeks prior. It shows Richie, Bill, Beverly and the other members of “The Losers Club” all now in their late-30s reuniting for the first time in nearly two decades in a Chinese restaurant. The scene seems to be a direct adaptation of a scene from the original novel, in which the Losers re-unite in a local Chinese restaurant before being attacked by Pennywise, galvanizing the adults into taking action against the recently revitalized monster.

The original It takes place in 1989, in Derry, Maine, a fictional town from the mind of Stephen King. The film based off of King’s famous novel, follows a band of 7 outcast kids as they try to fend off the evil shapeshifter, Pennywise, from murdering more children from their town. The evil, murderous, Pennywise is said to return to the town of Derry every 27 years to terrorize its children.

Though it’ll be a long wait from now until September 2019, we have plenty to look forward to.


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