After months of speculation we finally have our first details about the live-action Star Wars television series from Jon Favreau. The director was on the red carpet last night for the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story and spilled the beans on several aspects of the new series. 

In speaking to Nerdist’s Jesse B. Gill, Favreau revealed that the series will be set 7 years after Return of the Jedi. That’s a tumultuous and relatively unexplored period in the Star Wars galaxy. Right after the death of the Emperor, we’ve only seen that era explored in video game form in EA’s Battlefront 2. 

He also revealed that the show is about 50% written at the moment. It will feature an all-new cast and follow all-new characters, and it’ll be making use of the same cutting edge motion capture technology the director used in The Jungle Book. 



From the fragmentation of the Empire, to the rise of the New Republic, there’s a lot happening in that backdrop for the citizens of the Galaxy. Plus, the majority of old Expanded Universe content before the release of The Phantom Menace was set in that era, so there’s a chance we’ll see those storylines and characters explored. 

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