Hey guys, so with the recent trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, many people were interested in the Kaiju-Jaeger hybrids showcased. There were several of them, making people wonder if they’re being manufactured in mass amounts like the drone Jaegers we also saw. In this editorial, we thought we would explore the purpose and the background of the Cyborg Kaiju. The director of the first movie, Guillermo del Toro, expressed interest in introducing these monstrosities after the release of the first movie…and it makes total sense.

A big problem that the Pan Pacific Defense Corps faced was their lack of offense due to the lock & key nature of the Breach. For those that forgot details from the first movie, Kaiju were the only beings able to pass through the Breach due to it being DNA sensitive, similar to a thumbprint scanner for an iPhone. This is why Gipsy Danger had to hold onto a Kaiju body for access to the Anteverse.

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Producing a Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid solves this problem, you get your monster capable fighting force while also being able to take the fight directly to The Precursors (Kaiju masters). It’s a very literal fight fire with fire scenario except for a certain problem, Kaiju have a hive mind system. This theoretically means that the Kaiju parts assembled with the Jaeger parts as still connected to the Precursors.

I feel like this will become the flaw that turns these cyborgs against humanity. As Kaiju were cloned constantly, I can understand the desire to use them as a fighting force, especially with the thought you could use Jaeger tech to enhance or control them. However, humanity’s understanding of Kaiju biology is likely sub par to their creators which will be exploited.

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Another reason for producing Kaiju-Jaeger hybrids could be evil in intent, but a desire to learn how to make controlled Kaiju. The reason I say this is because there have been strong rumors of certain parties in the movie trying to fake Kaiju attacks to keep the development (and profit?) of Jaegers going. This would be another interesting development stemming from the first movie as we saw how important Kaiju had become to certain economies, especially in the black market. I would be interested in seeing both of these reasons incorporated in the movie, as long as it doesn’t come out of left-field like the Casino subplot in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Comment below with your thoughts, what do you think the purpose is for these new Cyborg Kaiju?


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