With the Avengers: Infinity War talk going on, we thought we’d look at the MCU’s future for a video. The upcoming Captain Marvel movie is set to establish a framework for Phase 4 & based on reports it appears to involve Skrulls. This is important as the most organic story to use for Skrulls when it comes to an Avengers movie would be the Secret Invasion storyline. However, I have 2 reasons I think the MCU should stay away from it, at least during Phase 4.

  1. We’ve Already Seen This Story
  2. The Set Up & Stakes Aren’t There

1We’ve Already Seen This Story

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When adapting the Secret Invasion storyline into the MCU, the likely route will be revealing multiple political figures & superheroes had been replaced by Skrull imposters. This could be a great story for viewers & fans alike but the problem is that we’ve witnessed this general story before in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The reveal that various individuals are secretly Skrulls will be various people being revealed as HYDRA agents.

There would be some differences of course between the stories but the infiltration storyline wouldn’t be new to the MCU. Another way we’ve already seen this story is in the aftermath. After an event such as Secret Invasion, the Avengers team would be divided and public opinion would be negative towards many heroes as trust would be lost. Sound familiar? This is essentially the aftermath of Civil War. After Avengers: Infinity War the audience should see the heroes coming together to face a common enemy, not losing trust in each other which means we’ll need another movie like Infinity War to reunite them.

2The Set Up & Stakes Aren’t There

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From where we currently stand, a Secret Invasion movie would have set up begin from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. From there we may get hints here & there from various solo films about someone being a secret Skrull imposter but the build-up wouldn’t be there. Another problem the MCU will face is who would be a Skrull that is important enough to require an Avengers event film. Most heroes that are confirmed to survive Thanos are isolated in their activities such as Dr. Strange or Spider-Man. Nobody on a national or global scale would care if Ant-Man, Black Widow, or Spider-Man was replaced by a Skrull for example as opposed to Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America.

Black Panther would be a good target as he’s a superhero with the influence to be a threat large enough to warrant the Avengers assembling. However, I personally doubt Black Panther would be replaced considering how popular he is they’d want him along with Captain Marvel to be the leads of the movie.

3Final Thoughts

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For all intents, this type of story may be better served on a more intimate scale during the Captain Marvel movie, as without a full range of superheroes like in the comics the Skrull invasion becomes quickly limited.

What do you guys think the MCU should do for their post-Avengers 4 movie event? While I enjoy the Secret Invasion story in premise it just seems like a poor fit at the moment with the upcoming MCU landscape. Let us know what you think the MCU should do for the Phase 4 Avengers event in the comments below!



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