Meet the Hybrid Network Team

Joshua Baldera
Co-Founder & President
Joshua Baldera is the President of Hybrid Network LLC. He is responsible for developing strategic plans, policies, & the shaping the direction of Hybrid Network. Joshua also engages in content production & joins podcasts when available. He is an avid fan of DC sports teams, being from the DC area. His favorite movies are Iron Giant, The Nice Guys, Django Unchained, Warrior, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, & Spider-Man.
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CJ Paschall
Co-Founder & Executive VP, Operations
CJ is the Executive Vice President of Operations. CJ is responsible for scheduling Content Producers & the daily implementation of policies, strategies, & goals. CJ also manages internships while participating in various podcasts each week. CJ is a huge Game of Thrones & Star Wars fan along with being a fan of DC area sports teams.
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Nick Whitcomb
VP, Content & Production
Nick loves screenwriting, the Alien/Predator franchise, & DC Comics properties!
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Hezekias Kassa
VP, Finance & HR
Hez enjoys reading & is an avid DC sports fan!
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Michael Gezahegn
Content Producer
Michael began his Career on his own YouTube channel “Failwhale34” and joined Hybrid Network in late 2015. He is passionate about Film, Television, and FUNKO Pops!
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Luke Hurst
Content Producer
Luke is a fanatic of all things pop culture, from comic books to movies to music and everything else in between. In his free time he enjoys reading, eating copious amounts of pizza and going to his gym.
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William Etheridge
Content Producer
Will is an all around pop culture fan with a large interest in Marvel, JRPGS, and dinosaur movies. He vlogs on his own youtube channel: Another Time Hero; and in his free time enjoys cooking, writing, and music.
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Luke Alphonso
Content Producer
Luke is an avid fan of sci-fi & horror stories. He also loves having a drink while he puts in some rounds on fighting games.
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Tim Spiegler
Content Producer
Tim is a general pop culture fan, with interesting in comics, gaming, animation, and genre shows among others. He enjoys the world of video production.
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Yusuf Rowser
Content Producer
This soon to be graduate from the University of Cincinnati looks to one day leave his mark on pop culture. Yusuf is working toward one day being behind he camera to bring his stories and vision to the big screen
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 Updated: October 16th, 2017