As of recently a lot of movies are getting rumors out the butt of how their plot may be executed including Avengers 4, Godzilla v Kong, and of course Spider-Man is no exception.

The movie starts shooting next month but there is already another rumored plot leak going around claiming to have the background behind the potential lead villain for the film, Mysterio. Now given that these are all rumors we must of course take this information at face value and see it for what it is, merely a rumor. For now.

With that said, what do they say about the magical miscreant, Mysterio.

the rumored leak states that Mysterio is an international thief and master of illusion. He stole some creation of Tony Stark under the request of a mysterious employer.

There are said to be plans to give him the infamous fishbowl helmet but he may not wear it all throughout the film.

It was also rumored that who he works for is a very famous Spidey villain so a lot of fans are guessing either the obvious one, Norman Osborn, or someone else a la Master Planner to help guide us to the Sinister Six.

With that info, even as a rumor, it seems like a potentially realistic take on the character. I think it gives a character who can be seen as kind of goofy (depending on which interpretation you follow) and makes him a little more dignified. Making him a kind of gentleman thief who uses technology and illusions to appear to be a doctor strange level magician would force Pete to get creative with how he takes him down. As well as potentially introducing a very charismatic take on the character. He may not be relatable but he could be a lot of fun depending on how he’s written and performed.

So let me know down in the comments below what do you think of this rumor. make sure to return to Hybrid Network for more Spider-Man 2 updates and other pop culture news.


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