A huge source of speculation online has been how Thanos will retrieve the Infinity Stones during Avengers: Infinity War. With bits & pieces of footage from the upcoming summer blockbuster, we weren’t given much to work with…until now. A recent TV Spot accidentally featured a still of Thanos unedited with an almost complete Infinity Gauntlet. Due to the spoiler-like nature of this, we recommend you leave the editorial if you’re avoiding spoilers.


In the TV Spot, Thanos is walking out a portal created using the Space Stone to enter Wakanda from a location presumed to be Titan. For those not keeping up with Cosmic Marvel lore, Titan is the home world of Thanos, which was left uninhabitable due to an unknown event according to the Russo Brothers. On his left hand is the Infinity Gauntlet for a split second which when paused shows a clear Infinity Gauntlet complete with every stone except the Mind Stone. When using the knowledge of this TV Spot with previous leaks & released footage we can compile the following sequence of events for Thanos retrieving the Infinity Stones.

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In the beginning of the movie, Thanos will take the Power Stone from the Nova Corps. This makes a lot of sense considering how much offensive firepower this instantly would give Thanos which he’d surely need to retrieve the remaining stones. After his assault on the Nova Corps Thanos will intercept the Asgardian ship to take the Space Stone from Loki’s possession.

It’s unknown if Loki will be killed but most rumors have been saying Thanos decides to settle his score with Loki, so take that as you will. At this moment in the movie, Thanos will decide to use a divide and conquer approach for the next few stones. He’ll send Proxima Midnight & Corvus Glaive to retrieve the Mind Stone while Ebony Maw retrieves the Time Stone. In the meantime, Thanos visits the Collector himself to obtain the Reality Stone.

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It’s known that Vision escapes with the Mind Stone while it appears that Dr. Strange loses the Time Stone. Vision is then sent to Wakanda. With the TV Spots & information gathered so far, we can say Thanos goes to the planet Titan to retrieve the Soul Stone. Based on this recent image, we can assume he successfully gains the Soul Stone & at this point has every stone except the Mind Stone from Vision.

It can be assumed at this point that Thanos is opening the portal to Wakanda to retrieve the Mind Stone for the final battle of the movie as we’ve seen in other trailers. This would also explain how Thanos goes from fighting the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, & Iron Man to fighting the other heroes in Wakanda.

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Let us know your thoughts, do you think this is how Thanos will retrieve the various Infinity Stones? Leave your comments down below!


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