Rampage Ralph The Wolf Explained


We’ve already covered the central character of the new film’s trailer, George, now let’s take a look at the secondary monster featured in it and fellow member of the Wrecking Crew, Ralph the Wolf. Like George and Lizzie, Ralph made his debut in the original Rampage Arcade game in 1986 and has appeared in every subsequent game in the series. He is a large, werewolf like creature with Grey fur in the initial game and the upcoming film and blue fur in every other game in the series. Ralph’s eye color has also changed in every game in the series, starting as Orange for the first 2 games, turning Red in the following 2 games, before settling on White in Total Destruction which carried over into the film. He typically is a bipedal wolf creature in the games, but the films have him on all fours like a natural wolf, as well as giving him retractable glider-like wings beneath his front 2 legs.

Like his cohorts in the Rampage games, Ralph’s origin varies depending on which game you’re playing, though all of them have a connection to Scumlabs. In the original arcade game, Ralph was just a regular guy who was mutated by food additives in a hot dog he ate. In World Tour, he was made a scientist working for Scumlabs who was mutated by the same facility explosion that mutated George and Lizzie. Finally, in Total Destruction, Ralph is once again mutated by food tainted by Scumlabs, but this time it was by drinking Scum Soda. It has yet to be revealed what caused his mutation in the upcoming, film, but likely it was similar to what happened to George, and based on the trailer it seems that Ralph was mutated first.

Since the original game, Ralph has remained the most balanced of the playable monsters, even more so than George, who has a greater climbing speed in later games, but otherwise is similarly balanced. Initially his stats were equal to both George and Lizzie, but as the games when on Ralph’s stats remain evenly distributed.  What makes Ralph stand out is that his smash attack in Total Destruction is better than George’s despite their stats otherwise being equal. Also in the original game, Ralph is the only character who can pick up business men. As stated before, in the film, Ralph has retractable skin flaps under his arms that allow him to glide.

Some fun facts about Ralph include the fact that the titular character from Disney’s video game inspired film, Wreck-It Ralph, is named after Ralph from the Rampage series, due to both characters being known for smashing buildings. In Rampage 2: World Tour, Ralph’s cage is located in London as a reference to An American Werewolf in London or the Song “Werewolf of London”. Finally, Ralph seems to have a relationship with fellow monster Amanda, a giant female armadillo, as the two enjoy taking walks together down the streets of Chicago.


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