Randall Park is jumping from Marvel to DC: the actor has joined the cast of Aquaman, according to an Instagram post by the director himself, James Wan. In the post, Wan writes: “So happy and fortunate to be finally working with this man” while tagging Park in the post and using the hashtag #DrShin.

Park is best known for his portrayal of Kim Jong-Un in The Interview, and ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, where he stars as the patriarch of a Chinese-American family. He has also been cast as FBI agent Jimmy Woo in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, leaving him to be one of the few actors to appear in both Marvel and DC films within the same year.

In comics, Dr. Stephen Shin is a scientist and friend of Aquaman’s father, Tom Curry. Dr. Shin is the one who helps Aquaman develop his powers. However due to his obsession with finding out where the lost city of Atlantis is located, he often is at odds with Aquaman, at one point attempting to kill the hero. Despite a troubled past, the two end up working together again later on down the road. It’s safe to say this relationship could be a rocky one in the new film.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is set to hit theaters July 6, and Aquaman is set to hit theaters on December 21.


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