Today we’re talking about our boy Bucky Barnes aka the White Wolf, but more specifically his actor Sebastian Stan.

So thanks to BUILD Series we actually have some information about how Stan would do his version of the famous first avenger Captain America, should he ever get the opportunity.

While Stan and the Infinity War directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, had appeared on the BUILD youtube show (around the 33:00 minute mark) they held a Q&A and a fan asked about possibly taking up the mantle of Captain America on the off chance he doesn’t make it through Avengers 4.

He responded by saying,

“I mean look, you know it would have to be a very different, you know, quote Captain America. It just wouldn’t be the same. It would be interesting… in the comic books it was always interesting because there’s an emotional turmoil, there was a guilt there that was driving for me, a character, because, because it’s Steve’s absence, you know, it sort of felt like the guy had to once again carry on this  you know vision that his best friend had for years and what he stood for, and that struggle you know have that kinda coming into conflict with someone who’s still grappling with their own past and what you know is the right thing to do now and if you have a character who’s always searching and forgetting an identity and finally gets an identity only to have to lose it again to another idea, then it makes it for the complex take on it, you know what I mean. So if they ever were to explore that it would be a very different, definitely way darker take on the situation you know.”

Keeping that in mind it seems like if Bucky were to ever take up the mantle should Steve either pass away or retire, Bucky would struggle to fill up this void left by his friend.

In looking to the future I know there a pushes for either Sam to take the Shield or for Bucky to do it with pretty solid reasoning on both sides due to both of them having Steves friendship, trust, and best interests as heart. What it would come down to is I believe that Sam and Bucky exhibit 2 different sides to Steve that are present in his character. Sam being more of the unwavering heroism of a man who just wants to do the right thing, and Bucky reflecting this tragedy of a veteran who has survived a lot and is still finding his place and purpose. That’s not to say there is no bleed over but in the film adaptation of these characters that is kind of the vibe I get from their stories and performances.

So for Sebastian Stan to take the character down a darker angle, it only makes sense for the arc his character would be going through.

But what do you think? How do you think Bucky Cap should be handled if they ever decide to use him in the MCU?

Or do you want Sam to pick up the Shield?

Or both?

Let me know down in the comments below.

Avenegrs: Infinity War is now in theatres. Return to Hybrid Network for more Marvel news and other pop culture updates.


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