With the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story last night, and the first reactions from critics maybe surprisingly overwhelmingly positive, the question now becomes “How will the general public react to it?” 

In line with that we’ve gotten an update on box office tracking estimates, thanks to Box Office Pro. The newest projections predict that the film will open anywhere between $120 and $150 Million dollars domestically. That could climb as high as $185 Million when you factor in that it’s a four-day weekend thanks to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 28th. 

That’s actually not that much of a change from their initial projections in late March, and even their update last week. That would seem to hint that Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s opening numbers might be even higher than these projections if the reviews next week are as good as these first reactions. The film has already made headlines for passing Black Panther in ticket pre-sales to make it the second highest-grossing pre-sale film of the year, behind only Avengers: Infinity War of course. 



Solo‘s competition that weekend is set to be stiff, though, and could result in a depressed box office haul. The biggest threat is expected to be Deadpool 2, which got similarly positive reactions at its first industry screenings yesterday afternoon.  In what would be its fifth week, Avengers: Infinity War could also still be a factor.

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