Stan Lee Biopic, FOX Marvel Deal Might Be Possible, & More | Marvelite #96


Welcome to the newest episode of the Marvelite podcast! This time we’re here to talk about a potential Stan Lee biopic with Leonardo DiCaprio and the prospect of a FOX and Marvel Studios deal.


  1. Stan Lee Biopic plus FOX Marvel Deal
  2. The New Mutants Production Logo
  3. New Synopsis for The Punisher
  4. Unused Concept Art for Gamora
  5. The Real Jean Grey Returns to Marvel Comics
  6. Viewer Questions


Nick Whitcomb
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Nick Whitcomb

VP, General Operations & Production at Hybrid Network
Nick joined Hybrid Network in 2014, originally as part of The Discussion podcast. He loves writing, comics, and the Alien & Predator franchises!
Nick Whitcomb
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