Episode IX begins filming later this summer, but when it does it’ll be under a different working title than we were expecting. The film has actually switched up their production titles, and will now be filming under the name “trIXie,” with the roman numeral for 9 capitalized in the middle.

Last year, just before The Last Jedi hit theaters, Star Wars fan news site Fantha Tracks revealed that the movie’s working title was “Black Diamond,” sending fans into full on theory mode: was it referring to the film’s difficulty? The first order logo? Kylo, himself?

Now Fantha Tracks is back at it again, once again responsible for revealing the movie’s working title. This one, on the face of it, is a little bit tougher. What could “trIXie,” mean?

episode ix

Working titles in general are always a little fickle, they’re tough to get a read on. Sometimes they seem to have meaning in relation to the film, like “Red Cup,” for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Other times, they have no relation to the plot at all, like “Blue Harvest,” for Return of the Jedi.

The new crop of Star Wars films fall somewhere in the middle — The Last Jedi’s working title was “Space Bear,” which we now know is a reference to Luke taking himself out of the world, like Tristan in Legends of the Fall. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s working title was “Los Alamos,” a reference to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the atomic bomb was developed.

But, The Force Awakens was simply “AVCO,” a reference to the theater where director J.J. Abrams first saw Star Wars: A New Hope, something revealed by MakingStarWars.net. So, “trIXie,” might not have anything to do with the plot of Episode IX, but everything to do with Abrams himself.


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