With the release of Fallen Kingdom we will slowly be rolling out some topics related to the recent entry in the Jurassic franchise.

In the earliest of marketing for the film one of the first promotional images was that of a little girl standing in a room filled with the skeletons of dinosaurs lost to time (as seen above). With the film being released and her actual identity having been revealed, we’re here to elaborate on who she is and the point she serves in the film.

Forewarning this is spoiler-filled for events that occur in Fallen Kingdom.

Now lets get right to it.

The girl’s name is Maisie Lockwood. She is the “granddaughter” of James Cromwell’s character Benjamin Lockwood.

We’ll get to the quotations in a second.

Lockwood is a former collaborator and business partner of John Hammond with the two having a falling out over Cromwell using their newly discovered scientific breakthrough for unspeakable and selfish desires. What were those desires you may ask?

Well they were to have Maisie.


Cromwell lost his actual daughter around the time they were perfecting the dinosaur cloning technology. In order to get back what he lost he was attempting to clone her.  Clearly he never gave up and at some point succeeded.

Now what’s interesting to note is that John Hammond died shortly after the events of The Lost World so around 1998. Going off the actress’ age, Maisie in this film is only around 10 maybe 11 at best. That means that this clone has only really been around for the last decade so there’s probably a number of other clone attempts that didn’t make the cut or just flat out didn’t survive.

She’s an interesting side development in the franchise because she is the first successful, lab engineered human clone which is a technological marvel in itself.

Her character really doesn’t add too much to the plot of the film but she does introduce how extreme the capabilities of their science were even by the time the Jurassic World park was functional. She may end up being their key to some form of immortality or human dinosaur hybrids which they should never do because even for the Jurassic series that’s too far.

As a result of her clone nature Maisie does feel some empathy for the dinosaurs who she sees as like her since they are also clone hybrids. She also ends up potentially causing a nationwide problem by releasing these dinosaurs into the wild.

Smart move kid.

So let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. What did you think of Maisie and the twist for her character in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is in theatres now. Make sure to return to Hybrid Network for other Jurassic franchise news and other pop culture updates.


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