Hot off the new teaser for DC Universe with some DC news for you and thanks to Splash Report we appear to have some leaked details about the Titans solo series that is coming to the DC Universe streaming platform later this year. A reporter on their site gave an extensive breakdown on the pilot episode and lets us know what to expect from the upcoming young adult superhero series. The describe it below stating,

“The pilot of TITANS is centered on three heroes, Robin, Raven, and Starfire (Brenton Thwaites, Teegan Croft, Anna Diop), but it begins with a flashback. The Flying Grayson Circus. This flashback is used as both a primer to the backstory of Dick Grayson (Robin) and an introduction to Rachel Roth (Raven). It does a respectable job at making the audience understand Robin’s character, akin to that of Bruce Wayne in the Batman films. It also gives a robust taste of what’s to come with Raven, highlighting her unstable psyche and untapped power. However, the rest of the pilot is structured very much around the individual heroes. Each first Act begins with a chyron separating the protagonists from each other. In this sense, it could be considered similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where each hero is given an introductory film to get the audience invested and are then brought together in an ensemble movie.”

This type of format for the show is incredibly interesting, as it seems like we won’t be seeing the Titans united right from the get-go. What brings them together is still unknown at this point, but it very likely centers on Raven and her uncontrollable psychic abilities. Rumors have swirled for months that the series would build up to a final show-down with her demonic father Trigon, which certainly would be a big enough threat to unite this team of heroes.

The synopsis also sheds some light on those three character arcs we see within the first episode, starting with Robin. According to the leak, Robin is jaded and bitter after a childhood of fighting crime. He hates Batman and is afraid of becoming him, and has struck out on his own as a detective, while still moonlighting as a masked crime-fighter. Interestingly enough, he isn’t Nightwing yet, and still wears the Robin costume despite his resentment for Bruce. The idea that Dick hates his adoptive father / mentor isn’t a new one: it’s kind of the whole reason why Dick becomes Nightwing in the comics, too. But this focus on the trauma that he must have endured as a child, teenager, and young adult as Bruce’s ward is a new, and interestingly raw and realistic, take on the character. It kind of takes those jokes about the idea of a billionaire adopting a young boy for crimefighting to a new, much darker place.

Raven is another highlight of the pilot episode as we see that she’s enduring some trauma of her own. While we know she’s the literal daughter of a demon, she doesn’t know that — at least, that’s what it seems. All she knows is that she has unbelievable and uncontrollable psychic abilities, which cause her weary mother a lot of grief and gets her bullied by neighbors and classmates. It sounds like she’ll have a conncection to one of the antagonists of the show, the Acolyte.

In the comics, the Acolyte was a D-List villain who was attempting to turn the world over to a new deity, either Kali or some Lovecraft-ian horror. Many speculated that he might be changed into a servant of Trigon, something that would make a lot of sense if rumors about the show hold up.

Last but not least, Starfire. While in the animated series and recent comic runs Starfire is portrayed as fierce but ditzy and aimless, it seems like that this incarnation is going to be a badass, with more than a few secrets of her own. Reportedly she speaks multiple languages, has multiple passports, and is on the run from armed men for reasons as-yet-unknown. It does sound like she’ll have some fire-blasting abilities, so they might be morphing her powers a little bit, but it seems like the pilot episode leaves more questions than answers with regards to her character.

But the most interesting part of SplashReport’s leak is that the series is definitely NOT for kids. Let’s take a look at the quote:

“Before we get into the individual character breakdowns for the first episode, I think it’s important to discuss the tone of the show. TITANS is very much not a series for children. There are multiple f-bombs and s-bombs, among other swear-words that make it seem like they’re going for an R-rating. Moreover, the action is brutal, with bone snaps, people being shot, burned, and mangled. It’s a departure from the more joyful tone that many associates with the group, but it’s a departure that I feel is for the best. It’s refreshing to see a DC show that’s no-holds-barred instead of shying away from the more mature aspects of the mythology. It’s not as adult as something like JESSICA JONES, but it’s far darker than anything DC has put out on the small screen thus far. What separates TITANS from some of Marvel’s darker shows is the fact that it doesn’t ever really aim to be realistic. TITANS doesn’t shy away from the big, fantastical spectacle, and instead embraces the comic roots of the characters. We can have a realistic Robin fight scene, but we can also have Starfire blasting away goons with a burst of fire. It’s a mixture of realism and fantasy that I think works great.”

SplashReport’s verdict about the series is incredibly positive, saying:

“Overall, the pilot of TITANS is an excellent introduction to the series. We get an overview of the show’s central characters, the darker tone, some of the action, and a taste and the grander narrative at play. For those disenfranchised with DC’s latest TV shows, or even cheesy superhero shows in general, be on the lookout for this one.”

It seems almost like a part 1 seeing as the first episode doesn’t get into Hawk, Dove, or Beast Boy yet it seems. I’m fine with this honestly since Raven seems like a central focus to the plot with Robin and Starfire being the more leaders and focus of the team it looks like.

Oddly enough I don’t mind the tone being darker here because as long as it embraces the characters comic roots I think it can work. Ironically this tone is something Arrow and the DCEU have kind of struggled with in my opinion. All that really matters is that you get the essence of the character right, and based on the details above this sounds like a very interesting watch.

But what do you think. Do you like what theyre going to be setting up with this new Titans show? Are you excited or are you gonna skip it and wait till Young Justice: Outsiders comes out? Let me know down in the comments below.

Titans arrives to DC Universe later this year. Make sure to return to Hybrid Network for more DC news and other pop culture updates.


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