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Would you want a Marvel/ Image Universe crossover on the big screen?

Imagine Invincible and Savage Dragon teaming up with the Earths Mightiest heroes. Or the Witchblade and the Darkness working with the Spirit of Vengeance and the Daywalker to defeat evil. You could even use Angela as the bridge between realities since she started at Image and is now a sibling of Thor.

Where would you want it to begin? Well Todd McFarlane believes, in his own way, that this could potentially be a reality.

So as we know a large, black, demonic creature with pointed eyes will finally make his film return after a lackluster previous interpretation. Am I talking about Venom or Spawn?

To answer that.


Because Todd McFarlane spoke with CBR and said,

“Here’s a big ‘What If?’ What if Sony distributes Spawn? Then is it possible that in the future Sony could have a crossover with Venom and Spawn? It’s possible,” the creator shared with CBR. “So, I will be presenting that possibility to the Sony executives when we get ready.”

“My conversation with them would be, why wouldn’t you? Here’s what I know. Let’s say Venom is huge — I hope it is — then no matter who distributes Spawn, the first thing you will see in every trailer will be, ‘From the co-creator of Venom, so, then my question to Sony is, why would you let one of your competitors use that line, given that it was your effort that made Venom work? Your money that made Venom work? Your marketing that made Venom work? I think it’s worth asking, then, what happens if they both work? And then what happens ten years down the line, when they want to do a Spawn/Venom crossover and they get the guy who helped create both those characters to direct it? Might be kind of cool.”

Which the most ironic part of all his statements, he wasn’t involved of the production of the film. He goes on to detail how he would want the film to go tone-wise,

“I know what my advice would be, but I don’t know if anybody has the stomach for it. It would go like this, if you’re going to do an R-rated movie, scare the sh-t out of them. I don’t know that they are going to go there. Hopefully there’s some creepy moments and some scary stuff, but Venom is still, in a roundabout way, has tendrils to the Marvel Universe. I don’t know how brave any studio can get with the characters. Although, I have to say, you had Deadpool’s R [rating] and I wouldn’t consider that R except for the F-bombs, then you get Logan, and now I’m hoping things like New Mutants and Venom push it even further. And for sure, Spawn is.”

With all due respect to the creator, these sound like the rantings of a woefully optimistic man. It’s not to say that a Venom/Spawn crossover is impossible but I think there is a higher chance of seeing a Spider-man movie with cameos from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Sony seems incredibly hellbent on creating their own successful Marvel universe that is centric on the spider-family, and the characters even vaguely interacting with it like Morbius and Silver Sable.

To have a Spawn/Venom crossover would be ambitious and fascinating to see but at the same time someone must not have told Mr. MacFarlane that the role of Black guy in a dark suit with white eyes and a cape has already been taken in that universe by Nightwatch.

With Nightwatch being set to be another Marvel/Sony solo film all they have to do is cross Kevin Trench over with Venom which honestly seems a lot more realistic because those two are already under Marvel.

I think Sony would consider the idea for a second but they seem more intent on reviving old brands and making money from Jumanji, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and Spider-Man than they would distributing a Jamie Foxx Spawn movie.

It just doesn’t seem realistic.

But let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Could you ever see a Spawn/ Venom crossover happening? All I could see is that the two team up to fight symbiote possessed demons or something edgy. I don’t know how would you handle it.

Venom hops into theatres October 5th, 2018. Make sure to return to Hybrid Network for more comic book movie news and other pop culture updates.


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