Why Captain America Will Die in Avengers 4


Rumors and speculation are abounded over who will survive the upcoming Avengers films, even more so after how Infinity War ended and who was left over. However, there’s one character who has the best chance of being killed off amongst the remaining cast, Captain America. Many people were surprised he even survived to Avengers 4, but that’s likely not going to happen again.

A lot of the reasons why this will be the case go back to statements made by Kevin Feige and other members of the production staff behind the Marvel films. Its be suggested that Steve, over time, has become disillusioned. Sure, he’ll still help people in need, he’s still Steve Rogers after all, but he’s far from the Captain America he used to be. Factor how it’s been brought up that Captain Marvel will be the headliner moving forward and the idea that she’ll become a similar symbol of peace, it seems like Marvel has their character in place to takes Steve’s current role in the universe.

On the other side of things, we have Chris Evans, Cap’s actor. He’s gone on record multiple times taking about wanting to end his time as Captain America and talking about moving on to other projects. Now, a lot of these statement have been retracting in one way or another, but he still put the idea out there of not wanting to continue past his current contract. In fact, there hasn’t even been leaked news of him renewing his contract post Avengers 4 like there has been for other actors.

On that note, we have Sebastian Stan, Bucky’s actor, who recently sign with Marvel for a 9-picture deal, their largest single deal Marvel has signed outside of maybe Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. It’s been hinted at and speculated that, like in the comics, Bucky would take Steve’s role as Captain America, even shown to a degree in each of the Captain America films where Bucky wields Cap’s shield at least once per film. It seems like now more than ever they plan on following through with that idea. So that would give us someone who holds Captain America’s position in the MCU, with Captain Marvel, and someone who literally will take up Steve’s mantle, with Bucky, all set up, giving Steve his best opportunity to exit the MCU.


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