Why the Fox Deal Will Help Captain Marvel


Right now, Marvel seems pretty confident moving forward with the Captain Marvel property, even teasing that she will eventually become the face of the MCU. However, looking at Carol Danvers, the character is currently limited by the fact that they currently can’t use any of the Fox owned Marvel properties in her film. Captain Marvel has a decent amount of material that can be used just on the Marvel side, but the characters films can only be improved by the pending Disney/Fox deal.

Let’s start with the obvious one, her connection to Rogue. The version of Rogue many people are familiar with, with super strength and the ability to fly derives her powers from Carol. When Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood, she used her powers to absorb Carol’s powers and personality but held on so long that she kept them almost permanently. This lead to an ongoing storyline for years of Carol’s personality fighting with Rogue’s for control of Rogue’s body and it’s probably one of the best-known story arcs between the two. This would also lead to Carol gaining her strongest set of powers as Binary as well as joining the Starjammers, the space pirates led by Cyclops’s dad, Corsair. Captain Marvel’s connection to the X-Men gives a lot of story potential.

On that same note, a number of X-Men characters actually made their debuts as enemies of Carol Danvers when she was Ms. Marvel. The most notably being Mystique, who became a huge part of the X-Men lore over time, and Deathbird, the villainous sister of Lilandra, ruler of the Shiar. Captain Marvel has always had strong ties to the X-Men, but with the latter villain here, The Disney/Fox deal would give Carol access to her and her species to use in her films, which would aid in fleshing out the universe Captain Marvel travels through in her film beyond that X-Men connection.

Next off, we have the Skrulls. Now Marvel can currently use the Skrull race in their films, and in fact they will feature in Captain Marvel’s first film, but they don’t have access to specific characters. Most notably Super-Skrull, who falls in the Fantastic Four license. Really if Carol is going to have a big one-on-one fight with a Skrull, you’re going to want it to be Super-Skrull. He’s one of the most interesting members of the Skrull race and really the most well-known. His presence would hold a weight that you wouldn’t get with any other Skrull.

And continuing out way though space, let’s look at the Ultimates, the mainstream comics version, not the Ultimate version of the Avengers. Carol is a notable member of that team of Heavy Hitters, but the heaviest hitter of them all is Galactus. Being able to do an Ultimates movie with Carol and Galactus would be a major get for Marvel should they acquire the rights to use the Fox characters.

While Captain Marvel may be able to stand on her own, having access to any of these characters would be a treat for any audience member.


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