The Wonder Woman sequel began filming this week, which you might not have known given the fact that there’s been relatively little fan-fare about it. But, despite the silence so far, we might have just learned what the sequel will actually be called. All signs seem to indicate that the film will be called Wonder Woman ’84 or Wonder Woman 1984.

The potential revelation comes via Twitter, and from people within Warner Brothers that would definitely know: the film’s director Patty Jenkins and DC Entertiainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Earlier this afternoon, both Johns and Jenkins updated their cover photos on twitter to this image, reading “WW84.”

wonder woman 1984


But what does it mean? Well, rumors have swirled since last summer and fall that the sequel to the film would be set in the Cold War, which later got narrowed down to the 1980s. The film being titled Wonder Woman 1984 would seem to fit that bill.

This comes just a week after Warner Bros. registered multiple website domains for the film, including As of right now, that domain can’t be reached. The other domain names filed by the studio seem to further confirm the 1980’s setting: through have all been registered by WB. They also registered domains confirming Cheetah, aka Barbara Minerva, will be in the film, as well as more standard titles like and


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